September 12, 2008

A to Z of Internet safety

  • A.
  • Never reveal your name, address, phone number, city or province/state you live in.
  • B.
  • Never reveal the name of the school you attend.
  • C.
  • Stay out of adult chat rooms.
  • D.
  • Never order anything online without a parent or guardians permission.
  • E.
  • Never fill out an online form without a parent or guardians permission.
  • F.
  • Always let a parent or guardian check a website for adult content before going there yourself.
  • G.
  • Always tell a parent or guardian if you feel you've been approached by a person in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • H.
  • Never, ever agree to an in person meeting with someone you've met online without a parent or guardian going with you.
  • I.
  • Never send your photograph through email.
  • J.
  • Never open an attachment to an email before your parent or guardian has a chance to check it first.
  • K.
  • People aren't always who they appear to be. Someone may claim to be your friend when, in reality, they're trying to lure you in to doing something you may later regret.
  • L.
  • Report anything you feel is suspicious to your parent or guardian. Let them determine if it should be reported to the authorities.
  • M.
  • Just because you've been told your online friend is the same age as you doesn't make it so. There are adults out there who will tell you anything to gain your confidence.
  • N.
  • While online it's always a good idea to use a nickname rather than your real name.
  • O.
  • Never give your email address to anyone without getting permission from your parent or guardian first.
  • P.
  • Never agree to go to a chat room where there's no live monitoring by a responsible adult.
  • Q.Never give your Internet password to anyone except your parent or guardian. Not even your best friend.

  • R.
  • Never fill out a profile giving your personal information.
  • S.
  • Never masquerade under the name of a friend or someone you know; that could endanger the welfare of the person to whom the information actually belongs.
  • T.
  • Never place your photo or personal information on a web site.
  • U.
  • If someone asks you for personal information, refuse to give it and let your parent or guardian know immediately.
  • V.
  • If you accidently stumble on to a questionable web site, let your parent or guardian know so it can be reported to the proper authorities.
  • W.
  • Follow the guidelines your parent or guardian has set for you. Remember, they've set these guidelines because they care.
  • X.
  • Encourage your parent or guardian to use blocking software to make surfing the web safer for you.
  • Y.
  • Trust your instincts. If it feels wrong then it probably is.
  • Z.
  • Never allow the Internet to dominate your life. Nothing is more important than your 'real life'.

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